Shipping & returns

Shipping (Delivery)

We offer in-home delivery services within 25 miles from each location, billed as a flat rate of $75. Additional mileage beyond 25 miles,  is billed at $2.50 per mile. 

Senior and Military delivery is discounted to $60, Plus $2.50 per additional mile, if applicable. 

We reserve the right to refuse deliveries beyond our normal radius of 25 miles.



Original receipts are required, with photo identification.

We reserve the right to deny any return. All items are sold as they sit. All return requests must be made within 3 calendar days, including the date of purchase.

If your appliance is defective upon delivery, we will only repair or replace your product with the same, or substantially similar product. If one is not available, then we will refund your purchase. 


Any buyers remorse returns, or mismeasurement returns will be denied

It is your duty to ensure your appliance fits in the desired location, and is the right appliance for you.

Your return will be denied if your appliance or accessory

  1. Has been used
  2. Has additional physical damage
  3. Has missing parts
  4. Has been disassembled
  5. Has water damage
  6. Has been mishandled
  7. Was installed not according to manufacturer specification
  8. Was transported incorrectly by you, the consumer
  9. Was purchased via Synchrony or Snap Finance
  10. Is outside of the return period

You are responsible for bringing any appliance back to the store for a return, and any delivery fees are ineligible for refund.